In English

In youth work, environmental education promotes a more sustainable way of life, with the aim of respecting nature.




These are the building blocks of our own relationship with nature.


The ”Flower model” was originally planned by youth workers. The idea of the Flower Model is to create a fundament, offer tips and information for including environmental education to different kind of group activities that happen in a youth house or elsewhere.

This model doesn’t help you to guide since that is what youth workers or instructors already know. The model gives practical tips for environmental activity in different kind of settings.

The Youth Department has many kind of houses, where young people can have different kind of hobbies and they can participate in things that they are interested. In addition we have places that are focused on nature and environment around Helsinki. These houses organize different kind of activities like adventure education, camping, day trips, arts and crafts, taking care of animals etc.

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Locations where we do environmental education and youth work